Willow/Chance Litter

 We are pleased to welcome the Willow/Chance Litter. This litter produced Champagne, Yellow, Chocolate, & Silver puppies. They were born on Thanksgiving night (11/22/2018) & they will be ready to go home on/around 1/11/2019. We will be selling the chocolate and yellow for $600/$800 (limited/full registration). We will be selling the silver puppies for $1000/$1200 (limited/full registration). We are not selling the champagne/yellow female until the test results come back on her color coat. Here are the puppies: 

Willow/Chance Reservation List


Willow/Chance Litter

Karen Schmieder - Champagne Male "Gus"
Vanessa Lewis - 1st Chocolate Female

Kayla Hazel - 2nd Chocolate Female

Steven Paul - 1st Silver Male

Jacquelin Turner - Yellow Female

2nd Silver Male - Available

Silver Female - Available

Willow/Chance Puppy Deposit

Silver Puppy


($8.00 shipping)

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Use the button above to pay a deposit to reserve a silver puppy from the Willow/Chance Litter. The $8.00 fee is to cover the Paypal fee.